Thrive Group- Statement on COVID-19 Pandemic

Thrive Group organizations continue to work with Public Health and the Ministry of Health to coordinate the response to COVID-19 and to ensure the health and wellbeing of our clients, residents, staff and family members.

How are we keeping people safe:

Visitor Restrictions - The Chief Medical Officer of Health has advised hospitals, long-term care homes, retirement housing, supportive housing and congregate care settings that only “essential” visitors are allowed to visit our homes. Essential visitors are defined as those who have a resident who is very ill or at end of life. Decisions relating to who can visit will be made at the discretion of the Administrator or designate. Volunteers and students are also being asked to not visit our homes. We will continue to update these measures in addition to others under the direction of The Chief Medical Officer of Health and our Public Health authorities. We know that this is a challenging time for everyone and we sincerely appreciate your understanding during this difficult time. Once again, the care and support of our clients, residents, staff and families are our priority.

Screening – All staff, contracted workers and essential visitors are being actively screened prior to entering any of our sites. We are following the guidelines for screening and restricting entry to the building to anyone that screens “positive”. This includes anyone that has travelled outside of Canada in the last 14 days.

Social Distancing – This is a practice to slow down the transmissions of an infection so that there isn’t a big spike in cases. If there is a large spike in cases of COVID-19, hospitals and intensive care units will not be able to support all of the people that fall ill at the same time.

Pandemic Preparedness Activities – All areas of our business have activated their Pandemic Plans to ensure that all essential care and services can continue. Continuity plans, supply chain, equipment management processes are all being monitored and adapted. Public Health Ontario website has many resources and fact sheets available for the public and health care providers.


Updates from the CEO

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Message to Staff

March 28, 2020

Three short weeks ago, none of us could have imagined the unprecedented amount of change we were going to experience across our province and within our local communities. Over this short period of time, Thrive Group has risen to every challenge, implemented every health care recommendation and navigated every change as directed by the Ministry of Health and Public Health, with competency, composure and steadfast commitment to provide our residents, clients, family and staff with the care they need to remain safe and healthy.

In our community settings, in-home care programs and long-term care residences we have:

  • Implemented visitor restrictions as recommended by the Chief Medical Officer of Health, and are only admitting essential visitors to our homes and residential settings across all community and LTC facilities.
  • Are actively screening all staff, contracted workers and essential visitors in order to keep our residents, clients and staff safe and healthy.
  • Are encouraging social distancing across all our facilities and locations where possible to reduce the spread of the virus and flatten the curve so that our hospitals have the capacity needed to care for those who have been infected by COVID-19.
  • Struck a Pandemic Working Group of Senior Leaders and activated our Pandemic Plan to implement Ministry of Health and Public Health directives and ensure our ability to respond quickly to the changing environment.
  • Increased the information we are sharing on our website, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media sites to ensure that we use other ways to help our residents and clients stay connected with their loved ones at this time of heightened anxiety.
  • Ramped up our recruitment efforts to support our healthcare staff and ensure that we have the staffing capacity necessary to continue to support our residents, clients and staff during these trying times.
  • Developed virtual training options for our staff to make sure they get the education and on-going training necessary to provide competent care and support to our residents and clients.
  • Expanded our Employee Assistance Program to all staff, so that they have the emotional support they need to deal with their anxieties, questions and concerns at this time.
  • Reached out to our community partners and suppliers for assistance in sourcing vital equipment, resources and help, so that we can continue to provide quality care to our residents and clients.
  • Freed-up funds in order to enable us to pay for essential equipment, additional staff and additional resources needed to keep our staff and residents safe and healthy.

Over the coming weeks we will remain on high alert and follow the direction of the healthcare experts in our province and across the world. We will continue to work together with our staff, residents, families, and our health care partners to fight this virus, put in place all recommended precautions and provide the care needed to keep the most vulnerable in our communities as safe and healthy as possible.

On behalf of the Thrive Group leadership, board and staff, I once again extend our humble gratitude to everyone for your support and understanding at this time. Please continue to refer to our website at and Facebook page for the latest updates, information and stories.


Steve Sherrer


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